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The Story of Stickney Farms

When Brett and Jennifer Stickney began visiting Brett's 6th generation family farm in 2008 they couldn't have known how life would change for them and the land that had sat nearly abandoned for years. Immediately, the pair had visions of greatness for the 850 acres, 5 houses and 3 barns that were in various states of disrepair. In 2013, they married and with the partnership of Brett's father, Peter, they made the decision to pack up and move to the farm and make their dreams for the homestead come true. The centerpiece of those dreams was the C1900 Dancehall which had served as the nightlife, a meeting place, a snack bar, and a workshop back when East Granville was somewhat of a "boomtown." In the years after it became a giant storage unit and was loaded with junk from top to bottom. Brett and Jennifer set to the task of  cleaning up and cleaning out, repairing and renovating. The dancehall barn now stands ready to host events for up to 250 people. The 5 houses (all built around 1860) have also received numerous updates and repairs and 2 are available for seasonal/B&B rentals. Brett dreamed of a giant sugarbush and he set out to install 3000 maple sap lines and by the spring of 2019, Stickney Farms plans to be able to host events that allow visitors to view the boiling process and enjoy the fresh maple syrup from the farm. There are also plans to add another 3000 taps. 

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